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Join this webinar to learn about our Quicklook Production Optimization Review (QPOR), a dynamic process for remote production optimization using data analytics.


10 Jun 2020, 07:30


10 Jun 2020, 08:30



In this webinar we will explore the Quicklook Production Optimization Review (QPOR) a dynamic process, that we have developed to carry out remote production optimization using data analytics with our clients. A QPQR involves a review of a project/hydrocarbon field, within days to weeks, using data analytics on production and injection data, and limited subsurface data.

Conducting a QPOR will deliver a range of identified opportunities, ranked and prioritized, which are ready for further maturation or execution. This webinar will be a dialogue between two experts and showcase how the process is carried out and what kind of opportunities can be identified in a short time using limited data.


  • Quicklook Production Optimization Review
  • How to use dashboards to identify opportunities
  • Case Studies


At SGS, we can help you to improve your production optimization process to streamline delivery of oil and gas. We do this by using data analytics, to simplify and standardize data analysis with quality-controlled data. We use dashboards to identify opportunities in a time-effective manner. The identified opportunities are ranked and prioritized using an Opportunity Bubble Plot, so that low hanging fruit can be targeted for rapid gains at a low cost.

Target audience

This webinar will be of benefit to reservoir, well, production, operations, process engineering disciplines, reservoir management, production and asset managers.


Mike Gunningham

Chief Production Technologist, Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands

Mike has over 30 years experience in Well, Reservoir & Facility Management, Production Optimization and Production Technology. Mike’s technical abilities range from well integrity, sand management, completion design, nodal analysis, fracking and stimulation, water management and water flooding, as well as project management and field development planning. In his current role, Mike is also a seasoned facilitator, training instructor and trouble shooter.

Furthermore, Mike has been actively teaching the Production Technology topics as well as giving coaching & mentoring.

Ivan Ignatov

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands

Ivan has over 15 years experience in Reservoir Engineering. Ivan’s technical abilities include field development planning, surveillance and monitoring, identification of underperforming wells and patterns, selection of candidates for workovers, optimization of water flooding as well as data analytics.