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This webinar will cover the basics of the scheme (including HACCP and Food Safety) but with a focus on the COVID-19 elements.


03 Jun 2020, 13:00


03 Jun 2020, 14:00



The food service industry has been significantly impacted globally by COVID-19 restrictions. A key aspect for businesses is assuring customers that both COVID-19 and food safety controls are being implemented in their operations. The HACCP for Catering scheme already checks and confirms HACCP based food safety controls with a focus on smaller catering/food service operations, including the growing delivery and satellite kitchen sectors.  A specific and focused COVID-19 addendum has been added to the existing HACCP for Catering checklist, with no change to the existing food safety requirements. This will enable businesses to assess and demonstrate food safety and COVID-19 controls via a single audit.


This webinar will cover the basics of the scheme (including HACCP and Food Safety) but with a focus on the COVID-19 elements. The operational and delivery aspects of the scheme will also be covered to demonstrate the potential routes to certification. The scheme is managed, and provides reporting via the SGS exclusive online platform – Customized Assessment Tracking System (CATS). This allows for rapid reporting and analysis, trending and exporting of audit results and data.


  • Introduction
  • Scheme overview
  • The COVID-19 addendum to the checklist
  • Benefits of certification
  • The audit process and reporting
  • Certification
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


The restaurant and catering industries have been hit hard by the restrictions put in place to managed COVID-19 and it is important to provide guidance and assurance to allow them to reopen quickly when restrictions are lifted.  A key consideration here will be to demonstrate to the public that effective COVID-19 controls are in place but with no dilution or compromise in terms of food safety.  The HACCP for Catering – COVID-19 scheme allows both these areas to be assessed via a single audit using a sector specific checklist. The design of the checklist also allows for the COVID-19 checks to be dropped as the situation improves and the audit completed using the original food safety questions.  This will allow for continuity of certification and a flexible approach in terms of relaxing the COVID-19 controls. The public is likely to have a rapid and substantial demand for catered and delivered food services once restrictions are lifted and having certification in place to confirm safe production and delivery will present a clear competitive advantage.


Andy Booth - Global Food Technical Manager, SGS

Target Audience

The webinar is aimed at:

  • All food quality and regulatory compliance professionals
  • Business owners and operators
  • Consultants to the food and catering sectors

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

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