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Join our webinar and learn about China’s omnichannel retailing model and what opportunity international brands and retailers have in this market.


20 May 2020, 06:00


20 May 2020, 15:00



In phases I and II of this webinar series, we discussed warehoused goods management and the high risk of contamination of goods in storage and how to manage supply chain when resuming business. In this third phase, we will focus on China’s omnichannel retailing model and the opportunities it presents for international brands and retailers.

China is a very powerful consumer market. Consumers in China enjoy a great range of choices at home, without time limitations and the ability to make purchases at their fingertips with the very mature omnichannel retailing model, advanced e-wallet technology, and the integration of applications.

China has a unique set of frameworks and requirements regulating its marketplace. Their legal requirements are different from western markets. The complexities of the China market raise multiple questions for brands and retailers when they consider and plan to enter this giant but very competitive market.

SGS, with years of experience in China market, would like to share its experience and help to smooth your route to market as a real business partner.


  • China Omnichannel Opportunity Update
  • SGS’s China Omnichannel Total Solution
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