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Join this webinar to learn about microbes in oilfield operations and our oilfield microbiology services.


27 May 2020, 07:30


27 May 2020, 08:30



Microbes form a significant operational threat to oilfield operations as they facilitate one of the most aggressive rates of localized undetectable corrosion and often facilitate localised souring via biogenic H2S gas generation. This webinar will showcase the ways of monitoring and mitigating those adverse effects by identifying the presence of and understanding the nature of the microbial source.

During this webinar, we will share an informative review of SGS’s oilfield microbiology services. We enable you to predict, monitor and mitigate microbial challenges with tailor-made operationally valued solutions. Our microbial risk assessment services (MiRAS) provide insight into the microbial populations present in oilfields and associated facilities, using a unique workflow for the determination of corrosion, biofouling and souring risk based on microbial analysis data interpretation.


  • Advancements in Microbial Monitoring Programs
  • Advanced Microbial Speciation via DNA analytics
    • Next generation sequencing (NGS) metagenomics
    • Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)
  • Microbial Data Interpretation and Risk Assessment
  • Corrosion Forensics & Failure Investigation
  • Mitigation Program Design
  • Independent Biocide Optimisation (Opex Reduction)


At SGS, we can help you to effectively mitigate the operational impact of microbes, adding value to each step of field development and long-term operations. Our microbial services identify and manage microbial related impacts by location, and to monitor changes in the population numbers and diversity. We then link these to assigned risk and aid the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective mitigation solutions whilst driving best practices and overall systems control.

Language: English
Cost: No charge


Matthew Snape, Principal Consultant – Facility Integrity & Oilfield Microbiology
Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands

Matthew is currently Principal Consultant for Facility Integrity and Oilfield Microbiology within the SGS Subsurface Consultancy Group, accountable for consultancy project management and services delivery adding operational value to respective oil and gas operations.