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This webinar will discuss the need for characterizing aggregates and nanoparticles in biopharmaceutical products and SGS’s expertise and capabilities in that area.


07 Jun 2019, 07:00


07 Jun 2019, 08:00



Aggregation is a common degradation pathway of proteins and a critical quality attribute of pharmaceutical products. This webinar will discuss the growing interest in understanding particles, which has been encouraged by significant advancements in particle analysis and by regulatory concerns regarding the potential impact of particles on product quality and safety.

SGS’s expertise and capabilities regarding the testing of aggregates and nanoparticles, in compliance with the increasingly demanding requirements of regulatory authorities, will be discussed.


  • SGS at a glance
  • Particle and aggregate definitions
  • Protein aggregation mechanisms
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Analytical strategy
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


Dr. Jean-Francois Boe, Director – SGS Life Sciences Service Switzerland

Dr. Boe has more than 30 years’ experience in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical development of biologic drug compounds (synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and ADC), from pre-clinical steps through phase III clinical development and market authorization.

After completing his PhD in biological organic chemistry, Dr. Boe spent eight years in biotechnology research roles at Elf and Sanofi. He was then Head of Analytical and Formulation for Biopharmaceuticals at the Pierre Fabre Research Institute in France for 20 years.

Dr. Boe joined SGS Group in 2015 as Scientific Director. He has held the position of Director of SGS Life Science Services Switzerland since February 2019.

For further information, please contact:

Josée Leach
Global Marketing Manager – Life Sciences
m: +44 7889 939 512