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Join us to explore the analytical verification of the source material for vanilla flavors in complex matrices.


28 May 2019, 12:00


28 May 2019, 13:00



Authenticity Testing of Vanilla Flavors – Alignment Between Source Material, Claims and Regulation

The objective of this webinar (45-minute presentation/15-minute Q&A) is to introduce the two-dimensional compound specific stable isotope analysis and how it can be used in identifying the authenticity of vanilla flavors.

The wide range of products’ quality and price in the market renders vanilla one of the most adulterated flavors. Advanced analytical solutions are necessary to combat fraud in this sector.


  • Brief overview of the vanilla market and authenticity issues
  • Introduction to stable isotope analysis
  • How the latest technology of compound specific isotope analysis can help tackle adulteration
  • Advantages of vanilla authenticity isotope testing and comparison with other techniques
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


Since food fraud has become a daily problem in the food industry, flavor authenticity has proved to be both a common but also difficult issue. The different national and international regulations about labeling add to the problem since natural flavors have a much higher value in the market versus artificial ones.

Vanilla is considered a high-risk product because of the multiple market impact factors such as natural disasters in the source regions, unstable production, wide variability of quality and value of vanilla flavorings etc. Multi-isotope fingerprinting provides solid solutions for the source material identification of vanilla and vanilla flavorings, in extracts as well as consumer products, identifying authentic vanilla, different natural vanillins and synthetic vanillin.

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at manufacturers, processors, retailers, importers and suppliers of food and food ingredients.

Language: English
Cost: No charge


Dr. David Psomiadis – Head of Laboratory/Business Development Manager Imprint Analytics

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Jennifer Buckley
Global Food Marketing Manager
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