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Attendance at this webinar will allow attendees to understand the requirements for applying due diligence. The webinar will also provide information on how companies can be supported on the due diligence process.


23 Feb 2016, 09:00


23 Feb 2016, 15:00



The objective of this webinar is to provide attendees with information about the European Union Timber Regulation. It will focus on the requirements for companies that place timber products on the market and are expected to apply due diligence to their products.


  • Purpose and history of the EU Timber Regulation
  • Terms and definitions
  • The due diligence system requirements
  • Supporting the implementation of an EUTR due diligence system


The European Union has recognized that the trade in illegal timber and timber products is a grave problem of international concern, as it contributes to deforestation, global CO2 emissions and loss of biodiversity. Additionally, it undermines attempts at moving towards more sustainable forest management practices and good forestry governance.

Regulation 995/2010 is a law that addresses the issue of illegal logging and the associated trade in timber products, and it will apply across all 27 European Union member states from March 3, 2013. The regulation lays down the legal obligations for individuals and organisations that place timber and timber products on the European market. This includes obligations to implement a due diligence system that can be used to gather information about the origin of the product being supplied, assessments of the risk of that product originating from an illegal source, and mitigation of the risk of illegally harvested timber from entering the supply chain. The purpose of the complimentary webinar is to provide attendees with information about the regulation with specific focus on the requirements for due diligence system.


Christian Kobel – SGS Global Operational Manager Forestry, Timber & Paper

Christian Kobel has more than 20 years experience in Forestry. Since 2002, he has run a local forestry and chain of custody certification business, and developed and implemented the European FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody Accreditations for SGS. He is currently Global Operational Manager for Forestry, Timber and Paper for SGS. Christian is a Forest Engineer ETHZ (Master’s degree).

Target Audience

  • Individuals or organizations involved with the supply and trade of timber, paper and packaging products
  • Operators: Individuals or organizations responsible for placing timber on the European market
  • Traders: Individuals or organizations that purchase and/or sell timber products, but do not take responsibility for first placement on the market

Register for Session 1
9:00 am London (GMT Summer Time)
10:00 am Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam (Europe Summer Time)
6:30 pm Darwin (Australia Central Time)
5:00 pm Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Singapore Time)

Register for Session 2
2:00 pm London (GMT Summer Time)
3:00 pm Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam (Europe Summer Time)
9:00 am New York (Eastern Daylight Time)
11:00 am Brazil (S. America Eastern Standard Time)

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

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