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The objective of this one hour webinar is to guide organizations that seek to control and understand the ethical and risk-based issues in their value chain.


21 Apr 2015


21 Apr 2015



We begin by defining why a value chain is more than a supply chain and why your organization benefits from understanding it. We develop a risk based management system approach that organizations are adopting to better control the ethical, social and environmental risks in entire value chains. We introduce the concept and components of a Value Chain Risk Management System (VCRMS) that will benefit organizations as they take control of the ethical risks in their sphere of influence. A VCRMS can benefit organizations to go some way to protecting and safeguarding their reputation through driving greater transparency in their value chain. 


This is a further event in the 2015 SGS Sustainability Webinar Series designed to support organizations to succeed in developing robust risk-based strategies for responsible sourcing around the World and to support them in every step during the implementation. Key to an integrated and effective organizational strategy is a risk based value chain approach that is central to business in 2014 and beyond.


Dr. Colin Morgan, Global Product Manager – Social Responsibility Performance Assessments

Target Audience

This webinar will be of interest to organizational sustainability strategists, procurement executives, reporting specialists, brand managers, risk managers, audit teams, corporate communications teams, finance officers, senior leadership teams at organizations around the globe and sustainability professionals. 
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09:00 a.m. London (GMT Summer Time)

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02:00 p.m. London (GMT Summer Time)

Language: English
Cost: No Charge