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The objective of the one hour complimentary webinar (45-min presentation / 15-min Q&A) is to discuss the role of customer loyalty programs such as goodwill policies, warranties, service contracts for the customer experience of the aftersales in automotive.


19 Mar 2015, 14:00


19 Mar 2015, 00:00




  • The future of manufacturers’ warranties
  • The role of goodwill policies
  • Extended Warranties, Service Contacts and other loyalty measures
  • How do customers see it?
  • Adding value to control spending, and cost of warranties and service contracts
  • Used Parts sales channels to recover lost revenues and customers 
  • Need for Training, Coaching and Consulting of dealers


Keeping Customers loyal to the branded workshop is the key task of all warranty people and the majority of all aftersales activities. A growing number of tools are available to incentivize customers to bring back their vehicles for maintenance and repairs to the OEM branded workshops. All ways are more or less costly. The webinar brings some order into the toolbox, labels tools and helps to find the right application.


Roland Gagel
SGS Global Sector Manager - Automotive

Target Audience

This webinar will be most of interest to: Aftersales Managers, Warranty Managers, Service Providers of Automotive Service Contracts and extended warranties, Dealer network Development Managers.