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The objective of this webinar (45-minute presentation / 15-minute Q&A) is to provide an update on available guidelines about key preventive measures that can minimize the risk of food fraud, economically or ideologically-motivated adulteration, criminal or terrorist attacks.


29 Jan 2015


29 Jan 2015




  • Background to common motives of food fraud and relevant definitions and example cases
  • Discuss business vulnerability assessment and the new PAS96-2014 guidelines
  • Overview of key preventive measures: management, human resources, facility and operations
  • Conclusions and future trends


Food defence is putting the appropriate measures in place that can reduce the chances of the food supply from becoming intentionally contaminated using a number of different agents and material (chemical, biological or other) that may not be naturally occurring or routinely tested in foods. Publically accessible guidelines to food businesses throughout the supply chain aim to provide guidance on approaches to protect against malicious, economically, or ideologically motivated attach and present procedures that could be adopted to mitigate and minimize the impact of such an attack.


Evangelia Komitopoulou
SGS Global Technical Manager for Food

Evangelia is responsible for providing technical support to the global network of certification and auditor teams and is the Product Manager for SGS Halal Certification Services. Evangelia is an expert food microbiologist with specific areas of experience in microbiological risk assessment and specifications, food processing and preservation. Evangelia is recognized for her involvement in the development and validation of microbial detection and antimicrobial assay methodologies as well as the identification and evaluation of novel and natural antimicrobial systems in food preservation. With a career which includes over 10 years spent in food technical consultancy, trouble-shooting and contract applied research and development, Evangelia is also the author and editor of many technical reports and articles.

Target Audience

The webinar is aimed at companies looking to review their food defence plans and therefore need to get a good understanding or an update on currently available food defense guidelines; or professionals and others that wish to be educated on the topic.

Language: English
Cost: No cost