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Demonstrate your commitment to data protection with BS 10012:2017 personal information management system (PIMS) certification.

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New data protection regulations, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), carry significantly higher financial penalties for data protection failures.

Implement BS 10012:2017, the specification for a personal information management system (PIMS), and certify with SGS. This will demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and employees that their personal data is collected, stored, processed, and destroyed when not required, in a secure manner.

Benefits of BS 10012:2017 certification

Recognised as one of the approved codes of conduct referenced throughout the GDPR, BS 10012:2017 PIMS certification can demonstrate an effective privacy framework. This can be used to reduce the risk of financial penalties and reputational damage, which may result from loss of personal information. It also allows you to enforce data privacy procedures, which help to reduce the possible risk of fraud.

BS 10012:2017 provides:

  • Customer confidence – it demonstrates that customer data is processed securely
  • Assistance with compliance – improved employee awareness can support your organisation’s legislative compliance
  • Reduced levels of risk – a well-managed PIMS significantly reduces the risk of data loss, and therefore reduced risk of financial penalties and reputational damage
  • Improved reputation – certification against BS 10012:2017 ensures the required privacy procedures are in place, which increases customer confidence

BS 10012:2017 certification expertise

Your BS 10012:2017 audit will be conducted by SGS specialists who have completed training covering BS 10012:2017 and GDPR certification. Their proven expertise across a wide range of business sectors provides assurance that they will understand your business and provide the most efficient and professional service possible.

On completion of your audit, you will receive a report which give you a clear picture of the strengths, and weaknesses, across your organisation. It will also highlight any opportunities for improvement which will further strengthen your privacy framework.

If data is the new currency, then BS 10012:2017 is a certification you cannot afford to be without.

Meeting the requirements of GDPR

Additionally, ISO 27001:2013 – information security management system – certification can provide the technical and organisational methods and controls required to demonstrate compliance to the requirements of GDPR. Achieve accredited ISO 27001:2013 certification concurrently with BS 10012:2017, and reference BS 10012:2017 within the accredited ISO 27001:2013 scope of certification to prove your GDPR compliance.

Contact SGS to learn more about the BS 10012:2017 certification process.