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NGO and aid monitoring – ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability in aid and development through standardised best practice.

Our NGO and aid monitoring services use standardised best practice to enable you to improve efficiency and effectiveness, gain stakeholder and community support, and strengthen your organisation. They are essential for ensuring efficiency, transparency and accountability.

NGO benchmarking

The accountability and integrity of a nonprofit is crucially important to stakeholders, including donors, beneficiaries, peers and local authorities. Our best practice NGO benchmarking service provides NGOs with impartial accountability assessments for global comparison and training for continuous improvement. 

The SGS NGO Benchmark standard consolidates a range of codes and standards. It offers NGOs large and small, wherever they are in the world, a comprehensive view of their accountability and their requirements for improvement. We have provided hundreds of benchmarking assessments to date, empowering organisations to identify their weaknesses and create steps for improvement – becoming more resilient and sustainable in the long term, while demonstrating their progress effectively to donors.

Aid Monitoring

Effective local monitoring of activities in countries far from headquarters is vitally important to donors investing in projects and organisations. It increases assurance that activities are executed as planned, reduces the risk of mismanagement and improves efficiency. Monitoring enables donors to make swift decisions to adjust interventions in order to optimise their effectiveness. 

Our complete, independent aid monitoring service provides stakeholders with 360 degree accountability and visibility. Through our network of local experts, it allows stakeholders to identify trustworthy local nonprofit partners – offering both assurance to the donor and capacity building to the NGO.

NGO Community Portal 

Increasing access to online social platforms, and the surge in online donation platforms, offers tremendous opportunities for the nonprofit community – donors, beneficiaries and NGOs – to connect and support one another. We leverage our global network and experience with NGO benchmarking to provide independent quality assurance to these diverse, thriving platforms and communities. 

Our services to online NGO communities include developing customised verification standards, executing verification activities, consolidating different standards and benchmarking organisations prior to registration. By promoting accountability, credibility and transparency, we encourage community engagement and support a thriving civil society.

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