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Product Recall Trends in Cosmetics, Personal Care & Household: Q2 2017 Chemical risks remain the biggest root cause of cosmetic, personal care and household product recalls in Q2 2017 in the EU. 27 Jul 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Electrical & Electronics: Q2 2017 Risk of electric shock remains the most common reason for electrical and electronic product recalls. 27 Jul 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Hardlines: Q2 2017 Risks of choking on toys, falls from sports equipment and furniture tip-over top the reasons for recalls of hardlines product categories in the EU and USA. 27 Jul 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Softlines: Q2 2017 The risk of choking posed by cords and drawstrings accounts for an increase in clothing recalls in both the USA and EU. 27 Jul 2017 Updates
IT Company Achieves Seamless Transition to ISO 14001:2015 Softbox Ltd (SBL), a value-added IT reseller, has achieved a seamless transition to ISO 14001:2015 working with SGS. 20 Jul 2017 Business News
SKF Wins RISAS Approval SKF (UK) Limited has been awarded RISAS certification by railway industry supplier approval body (RISAB), SGS. 19 Jul 2017 Global Corporate News
SEPPIC Awarded EXCiPACT The SEPPIC Shanghai Chemical Specialities site in China has been awarded an EXCiPACT Certificate from SGS. 18 Jul 2017 Business News
SGS Becomes American NRTL Recognized as an American NRTL, SGS can test and certify inverters, converters and other equipment for interconnected distribution generation to UL 1741 Supplement (SA). 17 Jul 2017 Feature Articles
2017 Half Year Results SGS is pleased to announce its Half Year Results for 2017. 17 Jul 2017 Global Corporate News
Aiming For Zero We look at how to manage and improve the use of chemicals in leather and textiles used in apparel and footwear. 14 Jul 2017 Feature Articles