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Exposure to hazardous substances can lead to long-term health problems and can even be fatal. Alasdair Nairn, an Environment, Health and Safety operations manager at SGS UK, spoke to health & Safety International magazine on how the correct use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) protects the wearer against the inhalation of dangerous dusts, mists, fumes, vapors and gases, and what to consider when selecting, using and maintaining it.

personal protective equipment (PPE)

RPE, which is a specific type of personal protective equipment (PPE), is designed to protect an individual against the inhalation of substances that are hazardous to health.  Although RPE comprises a broad range of options, it will not perform as intended if used incorrectly.  Mistakes such as wearing the wrong RPE for the job could give users a false sense of security. RPE must be able to do the job expected of it, which is why it is important to understand how it should be selected, used and maintained.

The full article from Health & Safety International can be found here.

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