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Manheim is part of Cox Automotive – one of the world’s leading providers of automotive solutions and services. It is a specialist business offering a range of solutions in the wholesale vehicle market that include inspections, valeting, reconditioning of vehicles for onward sale, channel management solutions, and physical, online and mobile vehicle auctions.

Manheim has always had a close interest in achieving high standards for its operations and has been certificated to ISO 9001 since 2005 with SGS United Kingdom Ltd as their certification body of choice. To continue this further development of its quality management systems, Manheim commenced their transition journey to achieve ISO 9001:2015.


ISO 9001 has become the benchmark for organisations wanting to demonstrate quality management system credentials. It is widely recognised in both the public and private sector tender processes and is seen as an invaluable tool for high profile organisations. Manheim has a total of 17 auction centres and 6 vehicle solutions locations around the UK and additionally runs online and mobile auctions that deliver high standards. Having ISO 9001 is vital according to Tina Nash, the company’s Compliance Manager, Business Assurance.

"Manheim aspires to be a sector innovator, so we made the inevitable decision to press on with compliance and achieving ISO 9001:2015.

It was obvious from our experience and working with SGS over this long period that it would take a great deal of work and commitment. We felt we were well prepared to achieve the standard but we were not complacent.”

Tina goes on to explain “our first step was to attend a one-day transition course to ensure our team understood the new requirements and prepare us to move forward. Being able to achieve this standard is a big plus in achieving customer satisfaction and being able to offer a consistent product to anyone dealing with Manheim.”


Paul Stock, SGS' Principal Auditor, undertook Manheim’s transition audit. SGS’ industry and standard knowledge and strong business relationship with Manheim meant that Paul’s presentation of issues was useful from the start.

"We have always found SGS to be professional and thorough and we have benefitted from this in helping us to move forward” says Tina. “SGS’ approach and communication of audit findings helped us to identify the areas for improvement in our system which was beneficial from the outset.”

For Manheim, they knew the certification process would identify current practice and move the emphasis in some aspects of the business. Paul reflects on the journey:

“There were new areas that needed to be embraced within their business and because the management team was fully committed to the implementation of the standard, we started the certification process. It was obvious the management team had done lots of work before they began the implementation and this led to a strong level of consistency throughout the process. Organisations do not always appreciate the added value of achieving standards but Manheim were resolute in their determination to achieve it. It was a real pleasure to see a management team that was hands-on and knowledgeable about how important it was to embrace the processes fully.”


The process moved forward with Manheim still examining and reviewing its operations and in Tina’s words, still looking for the gaps and issues that needed to be dealt with.

“It was a real thinking process, we created a detailed programme of work to demonstrate our application to the standard. Paul ensured we communicated our clear methods of demonstrating our compliance to the standard and how we have applied it to our business.”

The primary drive for any organisation when reaching for a standard is to understand what it does, what they can achieve with it and how to deliver the work needed to achieve it. This was well understood in Manheim as Tina points out.

“We may be the leader in our industry but there is still a great appreciation of the challenges we face. The SGS audit process has triggered our internal mechanics prompting continuous input from other parts of the business. It would be an understatement to say without Paul and SGS’ approach and attention to detail, the organisation would have been behind in our drive to achieve the standard. They helped us raise the bar and this is evident with the way we are now talking to our customers about digital solutions and other options. ISO 9001 has given us a really solid framework to facilitate continual improvement within the Manheim business.”


The transition to ISO 9001:2015 has been successful due to the effort and attitude of everyone at Manheim. Tina sees this as the start of the next level of Manheim’s drive for visible quality management.

Reflecting on the process Tina says, “at Manheim, we understood there were risks to our operations so being able to operate in accordance with the requirements, we have recognised an enhanced confidence and a new insight into our business. Ultimately, working to ISO 9001:2015 has provided a greater control over our operational management.”


SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 90,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2,000 offices and laboratories around the world.