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Having first begun as a single trade contractor, D&D Brickwork in 1979, D&D Rail Ltd has come a long way from their humble origins. Now offering a wide variety of construction services in the rail sector, D&D Rail work on multi-million pound projects for key transport companies such as Network Rail Ltd and Transport for London.

“Millions of London commuters depend on our high-quality refurbishment and vital maintenance works each year,” says David Farrow, Managing Director. “For this reason it is imperative that the quality of our work is both first-rate and consistent.”

“Everyone at D&D Rail is passionate about the service we deliver to our clients,” says Deborah Cox, Senior Office Manager at D&D Rail. “We take immense pride in our work and offer a professional, friendly service that we feel routinely exceeds client expectations.”

With over 120 staff employed, it is crucial that all staff work to a recognised level of quality, an aim that is supported by the range of certification held across the business. D&D Rail actively commit themselves to quality from all levels of their business and, as Deborah explains, achieving certification to ISO 9001:2015 was an important method of demonstrating this.

Transitioning Early To Top The Competition

“Adopting the 2015 version of ISO 9001 was key to remaining at the forefront of our industry,” explains Deborah. “Certification has become increasingly important for organisations that are looking to work with our main clients, and we therefore see it as crucial to the success of obtaining future business.”

“Further to this,” Deborah continues, “the standard provides a clear framework for everyone in the business to work within, which helps to ensure a level of consistency throughout the organisation.”

For D&D Rail, transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 as soon as possible was an important strategic decision, allowing them to make the most of their certification. “We felt that undertaking our transition early would help us prove to our clients that we are committed to our quality initiatives,” explains Deborah. “Ultimately,” she continues, “complying with the new standard now, rather than waiting until nearer the transition deadline, can only be a positive thing, as it ensures the effectiveness of our current quality management systems.”

“We were aware that our main competitors would be investing in certification, so we knew that we had to make a decision to either be a part of this at the outset or be left behind,” says Deborah. “For these reasons it was a straightforward decision for us to make and, as our certification partner since 1997, SGS were the obvious choice to go through the transition process with.”

Working with SGS

“The process was made very easy with SGS,” recalls Deborah. “We were offered support and guidance right from the moment ISO9001:2015 was published, helping to make sense of the changes to the standard much clearer.”

Mike Swanson, Lead QMS Auditor at SGS United Kingdom Ltd, was responsible for the auditing of D&D Rail, and was very positive about the experience. “For me, their sheer determination to set themselves apart from their competitors is clear to see,” says Mike, “and using management tools such as ISO 9001:2015 is a great way to formalise it.”

“Our existing experience of the 2008 edition of the standard really helped us to evaluate the impact of the changes made within the 2015 edition,” says Deborah Cox. “As a result, we found the process relatively straightforward, as we realised that a lot of our existing procedures already satisfied the new requirements.”

On The Right Tracks

"Certification to ISO 9001:2015 ensures we remain focused upon the quality of our service to our clients,” says Deborah. “This guarantees that we maintain the motivation to be disciplined in running our procedures across the business, and continue to develop a forward-thinking culture.”

For D&D Rail certification has proved an effective way of proving to their clients that they are serious about commitment to quality, and the benefits of an early transition will undoubtedly be felt over the next few years. Having undergone a smooth transition, Deborah offers advice to those who may be considering it.

“If you already hold ISO 9001 certification, then the transition process may be more straightforward than you initially think. There is no need to change anything that currently works for your business. Instead, this is an opportunity to have an in-depth review of current processes and procedures to bring them into alignment with the new standard.” 

The Next Steps

SGS is committed to making the transition as easy as possible for our customers, and provide continuously updated information and resources at

If you are not an SGS customer but would like to know how easy it is to transfer your certification to SGS and how we can support you through your transition process, please contact our support team on freephone 0800 900 094.

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