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Vertical and horizontal permeability testing generates important data on the flow characteristics of hydrocarbons in oil and gas reservoirs.

Such permeability testing is one important oil sands analytical service provided by SGS. Understanding the permeability of your resource provides an important indication of your expected recovery rates and viability of your future heavy oil and gas operation.

SGS has been a leader in oil sands technology and services for over 25 years. Our in situ hydraulic permeability tests provide you accurate oil sands porosity data. SGS testing experts accurately determine the permeability in your samples through the application of the proportionality constant in Darcy’s Law.

In the SGS industry standard permeability test, bitumen is extracted from your sample with toluene under carefully controlled conditions. Once the bitumen has been extracted, the pressure drop across the sample is measured and the permeability is then calculated. The resulting data defines the potential exploitability of your hydrocarbon samples with and without stimulation.

SGS has the core capabilities to provide accurate and reliable results that are recognised around the world. Trust us for the results you need to mitigate your financial risk and make important decisions about the future of your oil sands project.