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The Methylene Blue Index (MBI) provides valuable information on the physical properties your oil sands reservoir.

Methylene Blue testing is one of many analytical services that SGS provides to the oil sands industry.

We have built an industry wide reputation for reliable, independent clay activity testing that gives you the results you need to assess the potential of your heavy oil and gas reservoir.

Methylene Blue is a catatonic dye that is adsorbed by negatively charged particles of clay at the very fine end of the particle size distribution. The level of adsorption of the dye in pH-adjusted samples usually indicates a straight-line relationship and a number of fundamental clay properties including cation exchange, dry bond strength, casting rate and other important physical properties.

The data derived from the Methylene Blue Index indicates the mineral fraction in your samples. SGS Methylene Blue testing is derived from standard ASTM method and is conducted under strict quality controls in our industry leading laboratories.

When you partner with SGS for your Methylene Blue Index and other oil sands analytical procedures, you are backed by our network of experts. The results from our laboratories are accepted and trusted throughout the oil sands industry. Contact us to learn how we can mitigate your financial risk and help you to assess the potential of your oil sands operation.