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The accurate analysis of your oil sands core is key to the growth of your heavy oil and gas recovery operation.

 SGS is at the forefront of oil sands technology and innovation. Our globally recognised oil sands laboratory services include bitumen analysis, mineral & water determination, permeability testing, particle size distribution analysis and determination of the Methyl Blue Index.

The data that you obtain through our oil sands testing and bitumen analysis is vital for determining a number of important operational factors and considerations including:

  • Determining the cost effective extraction processes that yield more oil from lower grade horizons 
  • Identifying and characterising potential by-products in your reserve
  • Establishing the flow pattern and permeability of hydrocarbons in your oil and gas reservoir

SGS oil sands core analysis is known throughout the oil sands industry for strict quality control, compliance with international standards and technical expertise. Our network of laboratory professionals are experts in oil sands chemistry, and SGS laboratories are fully equipped to provide you with accurate, third party results in a timely manner.

Bitumen, Mineral and Water Determination

SGS chemists determine the percentage weight of the bitumen, water and mineral content in your samples. The data resulting from these tests helps you to fully understand your samples and then make accurate decisions on the best extraction methods.

Vertical and Horizontal Permeability

Vertical and horizontal permeability testing provides important information on the flow pattern of the hydrocarbons in your heavy oil and gas reservoirs. This information is important for determining the viability of your exploration project. 

Methylene Blue Index

SGS determines fundamental properties of the clay in your sample including cation exchange, dry bond strength and casting rate by calculating the Methylene Blue Index. The data derived from the Methylene Blue Index is indicative of the mineral fraction of your samples.

Particle Size Distribution

Data resulting from particle size distribution analysis provides important information on the physical and chemical properties of your oil sands samples. SGS provides accurate and rapid turnaround of your test results.

The success of your extraction program depends on reliable and accurate analysis. When you partner with SGS, you gain the confidence of knowing that you are working with a trusted leader in oil sands analysis.