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Legionella risk assessment from SGS – comply with regulations for preventing workplace exposure to Legionella bacteria.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and COSHH regulations 2002 require employers to prevent exposure to Legionella bacteria. Failure to prevent exposure can result in prosecution. This applies to all employers, even those who employ less than five people.

We can help you to control the risk of exposure and comply with regulations by carrying out a Legionella risk assessment.

Why Choose Legionella Risk Assessment From SGS?

If, as an employer, you fail to prevent exposure to Legionella bacteria, you can be prosecuted, even if nobody at your worksite contracts Legionnaires' disease. An Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (ACOP L8), details the steps you must take to prevent exposure.

 The first step is for your premises to undergo a complete Legionella risk assessment, which must be carried out by a competent risk assessor. We can provide such an assessment, which will include:

  • A detailed assessment of each asset
  • Assessments of the number and type of people who may be at risk
  • A list of actions required to minimise the risk of exposure and to comply with the current legislation
  • A detailed scheme for ensuring ongoing exposure control

Our assessment will ensure that:

  • You have a detailed list, with accurate schematic drawings, of all water systems, including pipe work, on the premises
  • There is a detailed communications structure for the control of Legionella exposure, within the company as well as with any contractors, such as water treatment specialists
  • Site staff have adequate knowledge, training and experience to manage the risks of exposure

Once your assessment is completed, you must keep up to date records to show that it was carried out.

Legionella risk assessments must be reviewed every two years or if:

  • There are changes to the water system or its use
  • There are changes to the use of the building in which the water system is installed
  • New information about risks or control measures becomes available
  • Checks indicate that control measures are no longer effective
  • A case of Legionnaires' disease is associated with the system

Unmatched Expertise in Water Hygiene Services

We have the skills, expertise and resources to ensure that the water systems at your worksite are safe and that you are in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

Our water hygiene services include:

  • Legionella risk assessments, including reviews and management of control measures
  • Legionella awareness training, tailored to your needs and your risk assessment
  • Legionella domestic monitoring
  • Legionella compliance audits
  • Health and safety audits

Contact us today to learn more about Legionella risk assessments.

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