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Contaminated land assessments from SGS – identify any contamination on land you wish to purchase and determine the implications for your development plans.

Contaminated land is a complex issue. As a result, it is essential that a contaminated land assessment is carried out before you purchase any brownfield site.

Our team of environmental consultants will design an investigation to assess the site in accordance with your planned objectives for the land. We can establish whether contamination is present and at what level, and whether the contamination can spread through any apparent linkages, from the source, via pathways to the receptor. Plus, we can also take into account current and planned future use of the site that will change the potential pathways and receptors by design.

Why Choose Contaminated Land Investigations From SGS?

Our contaminated land assessments:

  • Set objectives – specify the purpose of the investigation and the level of detail required
  • Develop an investigation strategy – identify the objectives, site constraints and suitable investigation techniques
  • Provide a preliminary (Phase 1) investigation – we conduct a desktop study, backed up by a site visit if required. This will be used to prepare a conceptual model of the site and potential contaminants, forming the basis for a preliminary risk assessment

For many sites and planned uses, this will be sufficient to address any risks. For sites with an uncertain history, we can also provide an exploratory investigation. This optional stage can provide the basis for the design of a Phase 2 Investigation, or reduce any uncertainty in the Phase 1 investigation.

For complicated sites, with potentially contaminating histories, the investigation may proceed to the main Phase 2 investigation. This will provide a detailed site investigation to test and add detail to the conceptual model, identify boundaries between over-lapping historical uses, determine levels of contamination and identify zones of contaminated material within larger sites.

Trusted Investigations from a World Leader in Contaminated Land Assessments

As a leading provider of contaminated land investigations, we offer you unrivalled experience, expertise and precise reporting.

For each investigation, a report will be produced, detailing the investigation, to form the basis of a site remediation plan, advise against proceeding with the purchase or land use change, or to prompt a redesign to accommodate the findings of the assessment.

To discuss your contaminated land requirements, contact us today.

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