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Water absorption testing from SGS – distinguish cement from insulating boards to reduce costs and eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

Distinguishing between non-notifiable asbestos cement type boards and notifiable asbestos insulating type boards is essential for effective asbestos management. The two types of boards create different risks and require different methods of removal. Failure to identify the category of board can lead to increased expenses and the risk of prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for using the wrong controls for the material. We use water absorption to determine the category of board, so you can ensure you are employing the correct removal methods.

Why choose water absorption testing from SGS?

The standard United Kingdom method of using polarised light microscope analysis on asbestos containing materials is only useful for determining the type of asbestos fibre present. A test using water absorption must be used to determine the type of material.

This test, devised by the HSE, examines how much water is absorbed by a dry board over a period of 15 minutes. Insulating type boards requiring notification will absorb more than 30 percent of their dry weight during this time, while cement type boards will not normally absorb as much.

This service is accredited by UKAS – UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0244 – and is a relatively inexpensive test which can save you thousands of pounds on asbestos removal costs.

Unmatched experience in reducing asbestos risk

We have a proven track record in asbestos management, with the skills and expertise to ensure that you are employing effective asbestos removal methods. Our experienced P401 qualified analytical team carries out UKAS accredited tests in accordance with HSE methods.

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