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Environmental impact assessments from SGS – identify the environmental impacts of your proposed projects and develop adaptation measures to address any issues.

You may be required to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We can carry out an EIA to identify the environmental impacts of your projects before works begin, and propose appropriate measures to address any impacts.

What is the Process of an Impact Assessment From SGS?

Typically, the process of an Environmental Impact Assessment is as follows:

  • Screening to determine the requirement for an EIA
  • Scoping to set the boundaries or elements to be covered
  • Field work and data collection
  • Designing appropriate mitigation for issues raised
  • Compiling the report and presenting the findings
  • Where necessary, follow-up monitoring

Some EIAs are relatively straightforward and consist mostly of desktop study work. Others may require various investigations to be carried out, such as in-depth ecological studies across a calendar year to study migratory species or full-blown socio-economic studies, for example.

Trusted Noise Impact Assessments From a Leading Provider

As a leading provider of impact assessments, we offer you unrivalled knowledge of EIA requirements, precise data and reliable expert advice.

Our qualified and experienced environmental consultants can deal with a wide range of EIAs and our network of consultants allows us to call upon various specialists in other fields.

To talk through your impact assessment requirements, contact us today.