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No matter how good the quality and safety of a product, its reputation – and that of your business – will be tarnished if the information you provide to users is insufficient.

At worst, absent or wrong care and use instructions can put customers in danger and have a serious impact on the future of your organisation. To mitigate this risk, businesses across the globe are giving SGS labelling verification services a key role in their risk management procedures.

Our consumer goods labelling verification service gives you access to experts with in-depth knowledge of international and national regulatory measures. So whether you are selling products locally or exporting to other countries, we can design an inspection programme that will take into consideration all the standards you need to meet.

Our consultants provide advice and guidance on devising new consumer goods labels, or they can review those that have already been developed. We offer a complete verification package to ensure that the information you are providing about a product is sufficient for customers to understand how to use it safely and to best effect. Particular attention is paid to product safety warnings, to reduce the risk of harm to customers and prevent costly legal action for your organisation.

A wide variety of industries employ our labelling verification services across diverse products. Label verification and product warning verification services can be used as stand-alone, one-off services or can be incorporated into a longer, more-strategic programme that forms part of your risk management procedures. We have consultants close to you who can advise what is most suitable for you.

We are the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With an emphasis on integrity and providing world-class services and expert knowledge informed by the latest market and regulatory developments, there is no better partner to inspect your consumer good labels, reduce risk and protect your business’s position in the marketplace. Contact us today to find out more.