V-Label Vegan and Vegetarian Certification in Six Steps with SGS

V-Label is the most trusted symbol of quality for vegans and vegetarians internationally.

  • Complete the form to receive our standard V-Label client questionnaire. Once completed, SGS will put you in direct contact with the appropriate V-Label License body.
  • Complete your V-Label license application and provide the necessary information required for your license offer. V-Label will calculate your annual license fee.
  • Sign your license agreement with V-Label and provide the necessary product information. V-Label will issue a product certificate which will allow you to use the V-Label for respective products.
  • Book your onsite audit with SGS and prepare your facility for audit, as required.
  • Once you successfully complete your audit, you will be issued with a certificate of compliance against the V-Label requirements for your facility to support your V-Label license.
  • Maintain your V-Label certification by planning for your facility’s audits and conducting any product testing that maybe necessary.

Now, food and wine manufacturers can follow a simple and consistent certification process to increase trust in their vegan and vegetarian products globally.

In addition to being the auditing body for standalone and addendum audits to the V-Label vegan and vegetarian certification scheme, you can benefit from SGS’s other associated services, including:

  • Testing – SGS provides vegan product testing to validate the absence of animal ingredients
  • Training – Ensure you are prepared for certification
  • Gluten-Free Certification Audits – Combine your V-Label vegan/vegetarian certification audit with the gluten-free certification scheme of your choice to save time and costs.

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