Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Certification

Protect your cargo from theft within the supply chain.

Cargo theft has been around for centuries – from robbers attacking merchants on trading roads to pirates seizing ships at sea to bandits on horseback robbing stagecoaches. Today, trucks have replaced horse drawn carriages, and bandits are organised into international criminal enterprises.

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) certification from SGS can ensure the resilience of your supply chains, enabling sustainable supply chain risk management and loss prevention through the adoption of proven industry security standards.

Get your TAPA brochure and learn how you can make your transport company stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of TAPA Certification

A TAPA certificate from SGS shows that, wherever your business sits in the supply chain, you have implemented measures to safeguard the security of your cargo.

Nowadays, more and more shippers are asking for TAPA certificates. With certification, your business will stand out from others.

Why choose SGS?

When you partner with SGS for your TAPA certification, you ensure demonstrable quality.

SGS United Kingdom Limited is the leading independent body providing specialised business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk. We help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world.

Our value to society is enabling a better, safer, and more interconnected world.

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