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Meet the new security challenges of the automotive industry.

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the digital age must pay close attention to information security. This is particularly true for the automotive industry, where massive amounts of confidential data are exchanged daily.



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Technical Sheet

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange Technical Sheet


SGS is Working Toward Becoming a TISAX® Audit Provider

SGS is pleased to announce that we are currently undergoing the approval process for becoming a TISAX® audit provider. In the upcoming months, we will be taking the steps to become fully approved by ENX as a TISAX® audit provider.

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Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX®)

TISAX® is based on the Information Security Assessment (ISA) – a catalog of requirements concerning ISO/IEC 27001 – developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The ENX Association acts as the governance organization within TISAX® and is responsible for the further development of TISAX®, the monitoring of TISAX® audit providers and assessment execution as well as quality assurance.

Advantages of a TISAX® assessment

Assessment results recognized by all TISAX® participants

Accepted by suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Commonly accepted assessment standard enables exchange of assessment results

Creates confidence in your company

Saves time and money

Eliminates duplicate and multiple assessments

How can we help?

Fast and Secure Assessment from SGS

The VDA recommends that companies involved in the automotive industry value chain establish information security processes. Our experts will guide you through the TISAX® assessment process.

What are the steps to a TISAX® assessment?

Customer: Register via TISAX® online platform for scope registration excerpt

To begin your assessment, you must register on the TISAX® platform. Once you have done this, you can select SGS as your TISAX® audit provider for the assessment (quote based on the TISAX® scope registration excerpt).

Customer: Selection and Engagement of a TISAX® Audit Provider

To ensure information is secure, different assessment levels are provided by the TISAX® audit provider depending on the protection requirement. These are subdivided according to the assessment procedure.

SGS: Document Review and/or On-site Assessment

  • Assessment level 1: Self-assessment
  • Assessment level 2: Based on the documentation review with plausibility check and a telephone interview
  • Assessment level 3: Based on the documentation review with plausibility check and an on-site assessment

Customer: Exchange of Assessment Results

The results can be exchanged with explicit authorization from the assessed company.

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