Sustainability Report Assurance

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Independent verification to ensure the accuracy of your corporate responsibility reports

More and more organisations are using reports to inform customers and stakeholders of their commitment to corporate responsibility. Investors, the media, governments and NGOs want to be sure that these reports contain accurate, transparent and valid information. This creates added pressure for independent verification.

To help you demonstrate your commitment, SGS provides assurance services based on internationally recognised guidelines for the assurance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and non-financial data.

We will:

  • Verify the accuracy, transparency and validity of all of the social and environmental information that you publish
  • Show you how to reinforce your internal reporting processes and procedures, in order to strengthen future reports

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Basic Service

We offer a basic service for organisations seeking external assurance of selected material data sets only, not principles of reporting. This provides a limited level of assurance according to the requirements of ISAE 3000.

GRI Assurance

Is your organisation using GRI standards to guide your reporting process? As a GRI Organisational Stakeholder, we can provide you with data assurance that meets your needs, in line with ISAE 3000.

AA1000 Assurance

As an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider, we are able to offer this option to organisations with a long history of issuing social and environmental reports. This option provides you with additional assurance of the completeness of your reporting scope.


We will analyse and test your systems for data collection, validation and reporting, so you can make necessary improvements to future reports. This option is available at any time.

Gap Analysis

This is a stand-alone gap analysis against GRI or AA1000, which can be performed at any time. When the analysis is completed, you will receive an internal management report, but not an assurance statement.

End of Reporting Cycle

We perform most of the assurance after your report has been drafted, before publication.

Throughout Reporting Cycle

If your organisation already has well-embedded reporting systems, assurance can take place at various stages throughout the reporting cycle. This option allows us to evaluate specific reporting events.

Why SGS?

We are recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity and offer extensive experience with sustainability reporting practice.

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