Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS)

Cybersecure implementation and operation of IACS and OT systems.

Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) and Operational Technology (OT) networks are critical infrastructure. They are vital, not only for manufacturers, but also at a national level. For example, chemical plants, which must avoid disruption and its potential disaster, and vital supply plants - such as power generators.

Industrial security enables the automatic operation and control of industrial processes in a secure manner, ensuring that these systems are not subject to a loss of availability, integrity and/or confidentiality. Ensuring availability through effective security controls also ensures a safe environment without hostile or accidental security breaches.

The application of sustainable methodologies both ensures effective security and makes communication with corporate networks or cloud possible without negative impacts on the operational technology.

Through the application and certification of security for industrial control and automation systems, we ensure efficient operations. This helps to prevent major economic and collateral damage spread through networks and conduits due to hostility, malfeasance or accident.

Cybersecurity Services

Our approach to IACS is through internationally accredited standards, such as IEC 62443, or IEC 62351 applicable for the energy sector, using renowned certification schemes and potent security methodology.

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