Consumer IoT Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is key to the rapidly expanding consumer IoT market.

Driven by exponential growth in the number of consumer IoT devices shipped to global markets, assuring the security of these devices is vital. Reports of vulnerabilities are common, be they for hacked IP cameras allowing hackers to spy into private households, or devices being captured by hackers and implemented into botnets.

Baseline security requirements for consumer IoT devices have been defined and issued in standards by numerous organisations, but so far, they have been inadequately implemented in products. Recent regulations, such as the EU Cybersecurity Act, the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act and state bills across the US are putting pressure on manufacturers and retailers to act.

Cybersecurity Services

Our services help manufacturers to generate proof that their solutions are adequately cybersecure, and, more importantly, help both them and retailers to develop their cybersecurity capabilities over time.

We offer training, gap analysis, security reviews, assessments and testing services, starting in the early design phases of a product and along its complete life cycle. We do this for IoT hardware and software, for mobile apps and IoT backend platforms, but also for business processes like a Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Our “IOT-Security Checked” program provides a leveled security and conformity assessment concept for consumer IoT devices accompanied by a product labeling program. The approach considers the risk exposure of the intended use and offers adequate assurance levels in line with international regulations. The program allows manufacturers and retailers to not only generate conformity proof points, but also to market their investment in cybersecurity.

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