COVID-19 Recovery Solutions

Preparing for the new normal: are you ready?

From short term impacts to major shifts in business operations, the path to economic rehabilitation begins with understanding your current risks and properly planning for future disruptions. At SGS, we have the tools and resources necessary to help you navigate through each of the recovery milestones.

Our Services:

  • Cleaning and Disinfection Verification & Monitoring
  • Business Restart Assessment
  • Manufacturing Business Continuity Module

Here we summarize the service options, and how they can help you.

Services Package Options
Recover Renew Reinforce
Cleaning and Disinfection Verification & Monitoring X X X
Business Restart Assessment X X
Manufacturing Business Continuity Module (only for manufacturers) X

Service Pricing:

Pleas see below the pricing for the COVID services.

Recover - Price on application.
Renew - £2,495 per site including initial remote audit, on-site audit and reporting.
Reinforce (for manufacturing) - £4,495 per site including initial remote audit, on-site audit and reporting.

Renew & Reinforce can be purchased as a package for £5,995.

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COVID-19 Recovery Services Brochure

COVID-19 Recovery Services Brochure

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COVID-19 Recovery Services Infographic

COVID-19 Recovery Services Infographic

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COVID-19 Recovery Service Packages

To help organisations, SGS has developed a suite of recovery service packages. Each package aims to ensure an organisation’s level of preparedness by helping them resolve current hygiene and safety issues, restart operations and reform their business to meet the requirements of the new normal.

Scope of Services

  • Cleaning and Disinfection Verification & Monitoring
    • A comprehensive range of occupational health & safety solutions to protect your employees and customers, while safeguarding your business
  • Business Restart Assessment
    • An unbiased assessment focusing on hygiene procedures, social distancing measures and management controls based on the recommendations provided by the world health organization
  • Manufacturing Business Continuity Module
    • Specifically created for the manufacturing sector, this module ensures business functions are fully prepared to restart production and minimize further disruptions

Cleaning and Disinfection Verification & Monitoring

SGS can help organisations evaluate the efficacy of cleaning and disinfection procedures. Our services ensure strict standards of cleanliness are met in order to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a global business with local presence, SGS provides a comprehensive range of occupational health and safety solutions to protect your employees and customers and safeguard your business.

On completion of the analysis, qualifying organizations will earn a Disinfection Monitored Cleaning Checked mark.

Scope of service

  • Cleaning & Disinfection Management and Supervision
    • Removal of dirt and other surface pollutants to prevent deactivation of active ingredients in disinfection products
    • Application of disinfectants to surfaces and airborne mist to hard-to-access surfaces
  • Adenosine Triphosphate Testing (Swab Testing)
  • Inspection of Hygiene Standards
    • Visible observation
    • Worker interviews

Benefit to your organisation

Our cleaning and verification services provide your customers and employees with peace of mind, knowing work and retail surfaces are properly sanitised.

Cleaning and Disinfection Verification and Monitoring

Business Restart Assessment

As markets begin to reopen, businesses may not be fully prepared to meet demand. New legislation and recommendations from governments and health organisations will require companies to change the way they work. As the global leader in compliance and custom-made assessment solutions, SGS has developed a Business Restart Assessment.

This assessment is based on management systems controls and will ensure that an organisation is following the recommended guidelines, has introduced the required processes and procedures, and has effectively implemented them throughout the business.

Scope of Service

  • Non-manufacturing Premises
    • Management commitment, involvement and implementation
    • Physical controls
    • Hygiene, PPE and worker protection
    • Social distancing and illness reporting
    • Cleaning and sanitation policies
    • Utensils, equipment, and contact surfaces
    • Additional risk prevention & physical controls
    • Crisis management & business continuity planning
  • Additional Module for Manufacturers Restarting Operations
    • Quality management system and testing
    • Process control and recall
    • Sanitation
    • Pest control
    • Plant security/emergency preparedness

Benefit to your organisation

Our COVID-19 restart assessment guarantees a safe environment for workers, customers and visitors and to give assurance that formal controls have been implemented throughout the business.

Business Restart Assessment

Manufacturing Business Continuity Module

Specifically developed for the manufacturing sector, this module offers a comprehensive offering that checks the physical controls and documented arrangements of a business and its readiness to restart operations following the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining a unique solution of swab testing, inspections and management systems, this module provides an end to end service to maximize efficiency and minimise future disruptions.

Scope of Service

  • An assessment to review policy & arrangements, people, manufacturing, supply chain and equipment procedures
  • Ensures measures taken to increase production have not compromised quality or worker rights
  • Where work has been subcontracted, formal controls are in place
  • Ensures that security and storage arrangements are in place
  • Ensures stock can be provided to customers in a timely manner
  • Ensures critical equipment is fully operational and the related impacts due to failure or breakdowns are controlled to limit the business impact

Benefit to your organisation

Our Manufacturing Business Continuity Module service provides a holistic assessment of your organization’s readiness to restart operations after COVID-19.

Manufacturing Business Continuity Module

Complimentary Services

SGS provides a vast range of solutions to ensure that sites and operations are adequate for the wellbeing of employees and customers, including:

  • Training: Our SGS Academy is the global leader in professional training, providing innovative learning and development solutions, covering multiple areas and industries, tailored to meet your needs. Learn more about our training services
  • Technical Consulting: We bring in our expertise in operational and management consulting to develop truly unique continuous improvement experiences that can create economic value and drive sustainable growth
  • Testing: We provide various testing services, including environmental and surface cleanliness, as well as COVID-19 detection
  • Audits: As the global leader in compliance, we can support you with a variety of quality, environmental, safety and business continuity audits

Ensuring Continuity of Your Supply Chains with SGS Supplier Risk Management Solutions

SGS has developed its Supplier Risk Management Solution leveraging a best in class IT platform and the company’s global network for supplier support, infrastructure and data validation capabilities.

This fully managed modular program covers a range of risk areas. This includes risk assessments on a supplier’s ability to meet quality and capacity requirements alongside their health & safety, social, environmental and business responsibility practices. The service enables you to improve the accuracy of supplier data through risk assessment, self-assessment questionnaires, data validation and a unique audit process based upon a supplier’s products, services and/or region of supply. This provides:

  • Accurate and up to date supplier information with ongoing updates throughout each year
  • A risk assessment process for all suppliers, developed in partnership with our clients
  • Risk based audits on suppliers as a physical validation of their self-assessment questionnaire
  • Storage of the risk assessment, self-assessment questionnaire and supplier audit information in a single location
  • Performance analytics for both clients and suppliers
Ensuring Continuity of Your Supply Chains with SGS Supplier Risk Management Solutions
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