ISO 45001 Certification

Reduce the risk of work-related injury and ill health and fulfil your duty as a responsible employer.

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This internationally recognised organisational health and safety management system refines the way you work, makes your workplace a healthier and safer place in turn making your company a more attractive prospect to customers and employees.

Join the global business community and start addressing the personal health and safety risks to individuals of any process or use of machinery within your organisation.

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The benefits of ISO 45001 include:

  • Positioning your business as industry leaders and increases trust
  • Lowering insurance premiums 
  • Improving managerial oversight 
  • Preventative risk and hazard assessment
  • Increasing return on investment (ROI)
  • Occupational focus
  • Dealing with risk and opportunities

At SGS we have years of experience helping organizations implement the most up-to-date occupational health and safety standard, ensuring they are seen as an elite category of business, by identifying their biggest impacts making it easier to put plans into place to control them.

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Sue Sawyer, Chief Executive Officer, Brandfuel

“When we started the ISO process, staff were wary and a bit nervous but, as time progressed, more people embraced what we were seeking to achieve and have actively sought to become involved. The fact that the board has instigated these initiatives almost gives staff permission and confidence to care about health, safety and mental wellbeing in a way that they might not have felt able to before. Certification gives us confidence, improved communications and the ability to grow.”

Start enjoying the benefits of ISO 45001 as soon as you have been awarded your certification.
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