Our commitment to the food industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

SGS United Kingdom Ltd continues to closely follow the COVID-19 situation as it develops around the world. It is clear COVID-19 is developing at different rates in different countries. As a global organization, we are proactively working to ensure that the correct measures are in place for each territory to ensure all potential health and business risks are minimized.

We have made this swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure the safety of our staff, customers, their families and other stakeholders. This strategy also allows us to maintain service, as much as is technically possible, so that we can continue to deliver high-quality solutions to the food industry during this difficult time.

We are committed to supporting our customers and their businesses at this time.

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Hygiene Monitored Program
Factory Restart Program

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How we can help

The new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is highly transmittable and a series of measures are advised. Due to high awareness over hygiene measures, assurance of product safety in the food industry is now more important than ever. With our wide international auditor footprint, integrated network of laboratories and technical experts, we provide a wide range of solutions to support your business and help you navigate successfully through this unprecedented crisis.

Hygiene Monitored Program

Our popular Hygiene Monitored (HM) program has been further enhanced to include a dedicated COVID-19 addendum. This will help our clients re-open their businesses with confidence and ensure that their hygiene systems regularly meet WHO guidelines.

The HM Program is a global, independent, checklist-based audit system, specifically designed for businesses in the food service sector (including all restaurant operations, fast food outlets, supermarkets/convenience stores, catering units, etc.) who are focused on delivering measurable improvements in hygiene and food safety standards.

HM can be delivered on the SGS Customized Assessment Tracking System (CATS) online platform, with the ability to view audit data and trends in real time on a smart dashboard.

The HM mark is a visual demonstration to the consumer of a credible and independently verified hygiene and food safety culture, within an establishment.

Below is a sample of areas covered under the program:

  • Storage and goods received
  • Personal hygiene
  • Preparation and processing
  • Cleaning and HACCP plan
  • Social distancing and illness reporting (COVID-19 addendum)
  • Additional risk prevention for viral cross-contamination (COVID-19 addendum)

HM involves a specific sampling and testing regime to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection practices and the overall hygiene of the operation. A SARS-CoV-2 detection test using the highly sensitive RT-PCR methodology is also available as an option, where additional information on the possible presence of this virus is required. HM can also be adapted to suit individual customer needs.

Factory Restart Program

Our COVID-19 Factory Restart Program will help you get back to your operational best with full confidence. The program helps you address and meet requirements that will ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers alike.

The Factory Restart Program is an independent, checklist-based audit system, specifically designed for food manufacturing/processing plants looking for additional reassurance in the safety of their operation, post COVID-19 crisis.

The program covers a range of areas, including:

  • GMP building fabrication assessment
  • Hygiene and sanitation assessment and overall housekeeping maintenance
  • COVID-19 risk controls via a standalone or integrated addendum (e.g. social distancing and illness reporting and additional risk prevention for viral cross-contamination)

The renewal program can also be adapted to meet specific needs.

If required, the COVID-19 addendum only, can be delivered in conjunction with other audit/certification schemes.

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Next Normal Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the modern era, posing unforeseen challenges to business continuity. At SGS we are working hard to meet those challenges and support international efforts to beat COVID-19.

Our experts are responding to the challenges our clients face with innovative solutions to help operations now, to ensure business continuity for the duration of the pandemic, and to support the recovery and evolution through each phase of the ‘next normal’.

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