Forest Product Chain of Custody Certification

Assure consumers and regulatory bodies that your wooden furniture products are made with sustainable timber.

As consumers become more concerned with how their purchases affect the environment, the demand for sustainable timber products is increasing. At the same time, government regulatory agencies worldwide are now requiring businesses in the furniture industry, including manufacturers, traders and retailers, to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain.

From wood in the rough to sawn timbers, plywood, veneers, chipboards and engineered wood products, chain of custody certification provides assurance that your products originate from certified, well-managed forests. Failure to demonstrate compliance with traceability requirements can block your access to markets, cause your supply chain to break down and affect your bottom line.

SGS can help you obtain chain of custody certification and reduce risk, ensure compliance and enhance your brand reputation.


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SGS is the world’s leading independent body providing forest product chain of custody certification. We are constantly striving to surpass the expectations of our customers and society so we can deliver market leading services wherever they are needed.

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