How can you demonstrate technically competent management of permitted activities?

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It is mandatory, since 2018, for a ‘specified waste operator’ to demonstrate competent management of permitted activities.

The Competence Management System (CMS) is a technical competence scheme approved by Defra and the Welsh government that complies with this requirement.

This certification enables operators to:

  • Demonstrate technically competent management of permitted activities, on the basis of corporate competence and employees’ individual competence
  • Demonstrate competence in relation to the requirements of an environmental permit(s)

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The Benefits

The Competence Management System:

  • Is consistent with other recognized management system standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Is independently audited by a third-party certification body
  • Doesn’t solely rely on individual competence
  • Removes reliance on WAMITAB-qualified individuals that can leave or be unavailable due to sickness and holidays
  • Ensures that the employees undergo training that is relevant to their role and their competence is maintained in real time
  • Improves the competence across the whole permitted operation, improving standards and efficiency
  • Increases the employee awareness of environmental issues and the permit requirements

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