BRCGS' Global Standard for Food Safety

Various Cereals, Seeds, Beans and Grains

Start Building Your Framework to Manage Food Safety, Operational Efficiency and Commercial Growth

The BRCGS Global Standard for food safety is all about the measurement, review and assessment of the aspects that influence food safety. Consisting of 18 food and drink categories, BRCGS certification provides a strong framework to help manufacturers produce safe food, manage product quality and meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Certification to an internationally recognised BRCGS Global Standard for either food safety, packaging materials, storage and distribution, consumer products, agents and brokers is often a fundamental requirement for leading retailers, manufacturers, and food service organisations as a part of a supplier approval process.

Some of the many benefits of BRCGS certification are:

  • Increased customer confidence, opening new market opportunities
  • Product safety, quality, integrity, and legality are all covered comprehensively, with clearly defined risk-based requirements
  • Reduction of product recalls, complaints, and rejections
  • Corrective action prior to certification
  • Globally recognised

Food safety does not stand still. New risks, legislation, and practices to improve food safety are continually emerging so act today.


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