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Could your compliant management system be even more effective?

Take our healthcheck to find out how well your management system enables your organisation’s financial and environmental goals to be met. Please answer all questions to get your results.
1) Do your environmental improvement projects result in quantifiable improvement AND financial benefit? *

2) Does your policy focus on sustainability, created either collaboratively or by onsite environmental experts, and with full senior management representation? *

3) Is your environmental management system documentation reviewed, and are you directly involved in the review? *

4) Do your environmental improvement projects align with your organisational strategy?

5) Do you regularly (at least quarterly) receive legal requirements from a trustworthy source and review them? *

6) Is your compliance status visible at all times? *

7) Does the focus of your environmental improvement projects change in line with identified priorities? *

8) Can you quantify environmental performance in respect to all areas of compliance requirement, operational control and continual improvement? *

9) Are the levels of competence defined throughout the organisation, with proportionate training in place to ensure fulfilment of obligations, adequacy of controls and achievement of objectives? *

10) My environmental management system:

11) My environmental management system is managed: *

12) My environmental management system: *

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