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Audits against retailer supplier policies from SGS – conduct internal gap audits against retail supplier policies using our online SGS Policy platform.

Due diligence and brand protection is a top priority for all retailers. As a result, most retailers now expect suppliers to conduct internal audits that ensure compliance with their brand policies.

Our platform tool, SGS Policy, enables suppliers to conduct an internal gap audit against retail supplier policies.

With the retailers’ own brand policies stored in SGS Policy, those relevant to you as a supplier are automatically selected and an internal audit against them is created. The audit tool extracts all the supplier’s requirements contained within each relevant policy and formats them into a structure consistent with the retailer’s own evaluations.

Why choose SGS Policy for audits against retailer supplier policies?

SGS Policy can help you:

  • Conduct an internal gap audit online – accessed from any device via the Internet
  • Demonstrate performance against legislation and retailer requirements
  • Store, search, evaluate and print all pending and future audits for maximum value and traceability

Online retailer supplier policy audits from a trusted world leader

As a world leading provider of auditing, we offer you unrivalled experience and expertise in all aspects of retailer supplier policy requirements.

Our SGS Policy platform includes a grading system, non-conformance handling and sign off sections. Simple to use and extremely cost-effective, it can be accessed from any device via the Internet.

To find out more about conducting audits against retailer supplier policies using SGS Policy, contact us today.