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Visual Trust enhances consumer trust in your products by allowing consumers to use their smartphones to find out about the quality and origins of their purchases.

Consumers today are more discerning than ever before. They want to know that the products they purchase are of the highest possible quality, and they come from sustainable sources. With new technologies providing them access to a world of information, they are no longer satisfied with what they can read on a package – they want to know more.

Visual Trust, our B2C digital solution, showcases your supply chain to shoppers, allowing them to use their smartphones to check the quality and origins of their purchases. Scanning a product gives shoppers access to:

  • Product and ingredient origins*
  • Certifications and labels*
  • Test reports*
  • Product composition
  • Your brand’s commitment to sustainability

* Verified by SGS

With Visual Trust, you will increase consumer confidence and trust in your products. A quick scan with a smartphone assures shoppers that your product claims and brand values are backed by verified data.

Visual Trust at SGS

Customer analytics

The Visual Trust app provides you with analytics that you can use to improve your customer offering.

When customers use the Visual Trust app, you gain access to the following data:

  • Country of scan
  • Number of scans per product
  • Date of scan
  • Number of clicks by users wanting to know more about a product’s origin when it is unverified (content not available)
  • Number of clicks by users wanting to know more about a product’s composition when it is unverified (content not available)

Digitise your supply chain to deliver better products

Visual Trust partners with Transparency-One to map your supply chain. The app works with multiple systems and platforms to help you deliver safe and responsible products, while connecting with modern shoppers to build consumer loyalty and trust.

By increasing transparency, Visual Trust lets you use digital technology to assure customers of the quality and sustainability of your food products. Learn how the Visual Trust app can benefit your business by increasing customer confidence and customer loyalty.

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Discover, analyse and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities in your entire supply chain, in real-time.

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