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Transparency-One supports the global food supply chain industry by helping companies ensure their products are safe and conform to product safety rules and regulations.

With product safety and security at the top of every government’s priority list, the industry now needs to find ways to assure supply chain integrity.

Transparency in the food supply chain is a necessity and should be considered to anticipate, avoid and mitigate risks, such as:


  • Uncertified supplier facilities
  • Child labour and forced labour
  • Fraudulent product claims (organic, non-GMO, allergens, etc.)
  • Potential recalls due to quality or food safety issues
  • Regulatory non-compliance

Verify suppliers

You need to know that your suppliers are fully certified and following up-to-date safety regulations, because their non-compliance could have a catastrophic effect upon your business and brand.

Keeping ahead of the constantly changing world of regulation can be time consuming – Transparency-One can reduce your workload and guarantee your products meet all relevant food regulations.

Discover, analyse and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities

Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyse and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities in their entire supply chain. It uses real-time supply chain data to reduce risk, identify component origins and ensure compliance.

Using cutting edge cloud-based technology and our global experience in product testing and certification, Transparency-One allows manufacturers to:

  • Check supplier certification and identify vulnerabilities
  • Proactively reduce risk to your brand
  • Enable quick and efficient responses to potential crises
  • Provide customers with up-to-date information
  • Gain consumer loyalty and trust

Transparency-One offers supply chain mapping, visibility, product compliance and safety – from the source to the store. It allows you to minimise risk to your business from fraud, unsafe facilities and unknown sources.

Using Transparency-One, you can identify potential risks to your supply chain, helping you maintain production levels and guaranteeing product safety. Using risk based analysis, we can advise you of the best strategies for risk mitigation. With real-time data, we can plan, implement and monitor the effectiveness of intervention strategies, allowing you to respond efficiently to events as they happen. Transparent, up-to-date information leads to enhanced production and stronger consumer trust.

Quality, safety and efficiency are key drivers in all global food supply chains. With Transparency-One you can help safeguard business sustainability, product desirability, brand marketability, and customer trust.

Contact us to learn more about our solution and discuss your unique requirements.

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Discover, analyse and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities in your entire supply chain, in real-time.

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