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SGS’s high volume instrument (HVI) testing provides cotton growers, ginners, traders and spinning mills with accurate quality parameters for raw cotton.

Our specialised laboratories verify cotton quality in terms of fibre length, strength, micronaire (a measure of fineness), colour grade, short fibre content, trash distribution and other factors. The cotton classification and testing data we provide with these measurements gives you the independent proof you need to support your activities.

Advantages of HVI testing with SGS

We offer properly-calibrated testing laboratories and the independent handling of samples. These factors help to build trust with your customers and to provide high quality results in the final product.

We also ensure that we make the data immediately available to you in digital format, in summary reports arranged logically and clearly. These reports are structured in a way that ensures you can integrate them easily into your own applications. This makes it simpler for you, and your trading partners, to use the results and make informed commercial and technical judgments.

Contact SGS now to find out how our HVI testing services can deliver independently verified testing data in support of your cotton activities.