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Below you will find links to the three Wallcharts and other Guidance Documents in support of our hazardous atmosphere services.


Guide to Services (BAS-PS-003) Download (PDF 84.3 KB)
Explosion Protection Services Brochure (BAS-PS-001) Download (PDF 204 KB)
ATEX and DSEAR Useful Links         Download (PDF 47 KB) 


ATEX & IECEx Wallchart Download (PDF 280 KB)
Non Electrical Equipment Wallchart Download (PDF 175 KB)
ATEX & DSEAR Guidance Wallchart
Download (PDF 206 KB

ATEX Certification & IECEx Certification of Equipment

Introduction to North America Certification of
Equipment for Hazardous Locations
          Download (PDF 155 KB)
Explosion Protection and Certification Guide           Download (PDF 688 KB)
Ex Product Certification leaflet Download (PDF 220 KB)
Type Examination Services Guide Download (PDF 75 KB)
Verification Services Guide Download (PDF 59.9 KB)
Technical File Storage Guide (BAS-PS-007) Download (PDF 86.5 KB)
Trade Agent Services Download (PDF 62.7 KB)
Testing at a Manufacturers Facility Download (PDF 49 KB)
Ingress Protection Code Download (PDF 34.7 KB)
Harmonization Status of Ex Standards (BAS-PS-011) Download (PDF 117 KB)
Revision & Change of Harmonization Download (PDF 45.6 KB)
Declarations of Conformity Standards Download (PDF 103 KB)
Flameproof Equipment Design and Certification           Download (PDF 934 KB)


Quality Assurance Services Guide (BAS-PS-006) Download (PDF 61 KB)
QAN & QAR Guide Download (PDF 87.6 KB)


Current Training Calendar Download (PDF 48.7 KB)
ATEX & DSEAR Training Brochure Download (PDF 503 KB)


Service Facilities

IECEx Service Facility Certification Guide Download (PDF 575 KB)
EASA Accreditation Download (PDF 738 KB)
Personnel Competence Brochure       Download (PDF 77.7 KB)


DSEAR Services Guide Download (PDF 53.4 KB)