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ICTI Audits

SGS can help you and your suppliers maintain compliance with the requirements of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) code of business conduct through a comprehensive auditing process.

Worldwide toy safety standards are constantly improving and evolving. To ensure your compliance it is important to implement appropriate and effective control measures across your supply chain. Our global network of industry experts understand both your business and the standards and requirements you must meet, including ICTI.

ICTI certification from SGS saves your organisation time and money by avoiding multiple audits, increasing productivity and product quality. Compliance demonstrates your commitment to ethical standards and adherence to the ICTI code of business conduct.

ICTI audits

A number of major toy brands and retailers accept audits against this code, which covers 13 key elements:

  • Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  • Working hours 
  • Wages and compensation 
  • Underage labour
  • Forced labour 
  • Prison labour
  • Disciplinary practice
  • Discrimination 
  • Employee Representation
  • Facilities
  • Fire Prevention
  • General environmental health and safety (EHS)/Health and safety/Environment
  • Welfare-dormitories canteen/cafeteria services/medical

The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) was formed in 1975 as an association of toy trade associations from around the world. ICTI adopted a code of business practice in 1995 in response to growing demands for lawful, fair, safe and healthy work environments for those employed in the manufacture of toys. In 1996, this code was expanded and supplemented by a guide to fire prevention and emergency preparedness for toy factories worldwide.

The code is founded on the four tenets of the CARE monitoring process:

C – Caring
A – Awareness
R – Responsibility
E – Ethics

As an ICTI accredited body our global network of testing facilities help your organisation maintain compliance with the ICTI code of business conduct.

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