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Substance Identification

All potential REACH registrants and data holders for a substance need to perform a substance sameness check prior to the formation of a new Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF). At SGS, we have substance identification and SIEF services specialists who can determine the scope of testing required for your specific substance and guide you through the process, while our scientific experts perform identification testing for you at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

Registrants are required to supply the following information to enable a precise comparison of substance properties:

  1. Name or other identifier of each substance
    1. Name(s) in the IUPAC nomenclature or other international chemical name(s)
    2. Other names (usual name, trade name, abbreviation)
    3. EINECS or ELINCS number (if available and appropriate)
    4. CAS name and CAS number (if available)
    5. Other identity code (if available)
  2. Information related to molecular and structural formula of each substance
    1. Molecular and structural formula (including Smiles Notation, if available)
    2. Information on optical activity and typical ratio of (stereo) isomers (if applicable and appropriate)
    3. Molecular weight or molecular weight range
  3. Composition of each substance
    1. Degree of purity (%)
    2. Nature of impurities, including isomers and by-products
    3. Percentage of (significant) main impurities
    4. Nature and order of magnitude (. . . ppm, . . . %) of any additives (e.g. stabilising agents or inhibitors)
    5. Spectral data (UV, IR, NMR or mass spectrum)
    6. HPLC, gas chromatogram

SGS has the largest global network experts and laboratories which can perform identification testing. We offer customised solutions to help you meet REACH requirements from our strategically located offices enabling us to work closely with your suppliers worldwide.

Find out how REACH substance identification and SIEF services from SGS can help you.

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