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In recent years, increased regulation of emissions from fossil fuels and rapidly rising crude oil prices have led to increased interest in using biofuels as an energy source. SGS has been a leader in this emerging technology since the 1990s. Our team of skilled, reliable experts provides a full range of biofuel and biomass testing services in fully-equipped laboratories around the world.

SGS has the experience and the technical expertise to assist you in all aspects of the biofuel value chain and can provide you with a sustainable advantage for power generation. Our biofuel services include:

Biofuel Testing Services

SGS offers a broad range of testing services for biofuels including:

  • Wood, wood chips and wood pellets
  • Torrified wood
  • Rice hulls
  • Palm seed briquettes
  • Olive pellets and pulp
  • Grass
  • Corn stovers
  • Grain mash
  • Bio-coal
  • Sugar cane bagasse
  • Animal waste
  • Vegetable waste

We provide accurate, cost-effective analysis in accordance with the recognised global standards such as ISO, ASTM, CEN and NTA standards. SGS biofuel testing facilities have a suite of specific tests registered to ISO/IEC 17025. Our qualified technicians operate with state-of-the-art instrumentation and quality control procedures, allowing us to provide you with complete, accurate and timely analysis.

The results of biofuel tests conducted in our global network of laboratories help you to characterise your biofuel source, meet customer specifications and comply with emissions regulations.

Biofuel Inspection Services

SGS inspectors at ports, terminals and shipping points represent your interests by ensuring the quality and quantity of biomass shipments. Our biofuel inspection services include:

  • Visual inspections (before and during loading and discharge)
    The object of a visual inspection is to establish that the biofuel cargo is loaded in sound condition and has been properly stowed for safe transport. This ensures that you maintain the maximum value for your biofuel shipment.
  • Hold inspections
    During an SGS visual inspection, the vessel’s hold is also examined to ensure that it is in fit condition to transport the biofuel without risk of damage or contamination.
  • Draft surveys of vessels
    Dependable and consistent cargo weights allow you to limit your financial risks associated with bulk cargo transactions. Draft surveys are used to determine the weight of cargo loaded onto, or discharged from, an ocean going vessel. The SGS global network of highly qualified draft surveyors work to a defined draft survey protocol, resulting in accurate cargo weights at load and discharge points.

SGS helps you to increase your sustainable energy advantage through expert testing and independent inspection of your biofuel. Contact us to learn how we can help you create a sustainable advantage for your co-firing power generation needs.

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