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Water Treatment

SGS has years of experience effectively testing and designing processes to characterise and treat contaminated effluents. A partnership with SGS provides you with analytical and process design expertise that will help you find efficient, practical solutions for your water and wastewater treatment requirements.

We provide a full range of specialised water treatment technologies, testing and process design including:

  • Developing sustainable water management plans that deal with the process water before it leaves the plant
  • Plant/site audit and recommendations
  • Chemical analysis of the water
  • Total suspended solids characterisation
  • Pilot scale testing
  • Design and engineering of water treatment solutions
    • Lime precipitation including High Density Sludge (HDS)
    • Engineered wetlands
    • Carbon adsorption
    • Ion exchange
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Electrodialysis
    • Biological systems
    • Ozonation
    • Acid Base Accounting (ABA)
    • Shake flask extraction tests or modified extraction tests
    • Waste testing classification
    • Subaqueous column weathering tests
    • Humidity cell weathering tests
    • Cyanide detoxification
    • Effluent treatment
    • High Density Sludge (HDS) processing
    • Precipitation & removal of dissolved metals
    • Fine suspended solids testing
    • Cyanide destruction

    SGS has been designing Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) treatment plants since 1998. Our extensive piloting experience enables us to methodically pilot and design efficient, cost effective ARD treatment plants based on available, proven technologies. Our design experts can provide practical treatment solutions even for operations with severe site restrictions.

    SGS has a mobile pilot plant available for ARD piloting work as well as a larger mobile treatment plant for batch-treating contaminated solutions. These provide credible baseline information and help us establish reliable design parameters for more permanent treatment plant.

    SGS is dedicated to ensuring your water treatment project performs according to specifications, regulations and to your satisfaction. We will stay involved throughout the project, reviewing and approving design and construction drawings, and can accept responsibility during plant commissioning and start-up when requested.

    Partner with SGS for all your water testing and treatment needs and let us help you mitigate your operational and environmental risks and liabilities. We have the experience and the technical expertise to provide you with most efficient and affordable methods of managing your water resources.

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