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Dynamic Penetration Tests

The success of your construction project relies on excellent weight-bearing sub-surface soil. At SGS, we can quickly and easily determine your soil bearing capacity using our dynamic penetration test. Call our team today to ensure that your project is on solid foundations.

Because it can be used to control soil compaction, the dynamic penetration test is perfect for embankments, pavements, road surfaces and other projects that need backfilling. The test allows us to easily locate and examine the extent of soft spots below the surface that need treating. It can also be carried out under water for projects that require knowledge of the loading capacity of the sea bed.

This is a dynamic load test that uses a dynamic sounding technique to calculate the loading capacity and compaction properties of your soil. The test is used in situ to control the compaction of backfills and embankments, usually to a depth of about three metres below ground level.The equipment we use is portable and compact, allowing for quick and cost-effective operation.

The probe, equipped with a cone tip is driven into the ground by a 10-50 kilogram weight dropped freely from a height of 50 centimetres.The number of blows for penetrations per 10 centimetre layer is registered and converted into an average penetration per stroke.

The data gathered is used to calculate the Californian bearing ratio for each depth of soil – internationally recognised measurement for the load-bearing capacity of soils used for roads, pavements and airstrips.

With SGS as your partner, our world-wide expertise means you can be confident your project will be a success from start to finish. Call our team today for more information about our range of geotechnical tests to suit your project.

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