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Voluntary Activities and Other Schemes

Your voluntary greenhouse gas reports and carbon footprint measurements will have more credibility with independent verification from SGS climate change services. Call us now to find out how to verify your reports.

There are several voluntary reporting initiatives in the current carbon market for you to submit your greenhouse gas reports and carbon footprint measurements. To boost market confidence and give credibility to your voluntary contributions, we provide consistent evaluation methods and independent monitoring, verification and certification services. SGS is approved to provide services under both the Voluntary Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard for voluntary offset programs.

We can also validate emissions reductions measurements that are scientifically credible but which fail to meet compliance criteria for Clean Development Mechanism or Joint Implementation projects. This is usually for political reasons – for example, if the host country has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

As well as project-based emission reductions, we also verify voluntary corporate greenhouse gas inventories using ISO14064. This can be used for public or internal reporting, cost management and demonstrating to shareholders and regulators. It sends a message that your management is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is aware of the market benefits of this commitment on future business. Some businesses have used our verifications as an opportunity to act now, rather than wait for new mandatory legislation.

Some examples of our voluntary verifications include:

  • Offsetting transport-related carbon dioxide emissions using initiatives in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol 
  • Documenting that used credits are retired
  • Creating carbon-neutral operations and products
  • Verifying emissions arising from operational energy, office paper use and employee business air travel 
  • Offsetting the carbon emissions effects of shipping

Having your emission reductions and greenhouse gas assertions verified and backed by the SGS brand name holds indisputable benefits and increases the credibility of your project. Call our team now and find out how easy it is for your business to participate in emission voluntary activities and schemes.

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