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Fugitive Emissions

How can you be sure your industrial equipment is damage-free and not leaking gases into the atmosphere and draining profits from your business? To control costly fugitive emissions and leaks, contact SGS today.

Our fugitive emission services will ensure that your equipment is safe and secure. Where you have a legal obligation to conduct a leak detection and repair (LDAR) survey, we can also perform this for you.

Normal wear and tear on industrial equipment could cause breaks and leakage. Where pipelines and other components (such as pumps, flanges and pressure relief valves) are filled with volatile liquids or gases, fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds are possible.

These emissions could have costly consequences for your business profits through loss of product. In your workplace, they can create health and safety risks for your employees and neighbouring communities. Pollution can cause environmental hazards and accidental greenhouse gas emissions. If you are dealing with flammable liquids and gases, there could be a risk of fire and explosion if leaks are not fixed.

Your plant could have tens of thousands of potential leak sources, making managing leak detection a massive operation. Our leak detection and repair manager can undertake this important project for you.

Our team includes monitoring technicians to check all your equipment, pipes and valves, connectors and seals. They use specially designed software with the very latest technology in detection and imaging to identify problem areas and take corrective action. It is possible to tag the components that are leaking, so it is easy to find and repair the component. We check immediately after components are repaired to ensure that there are no further emissions. We will also help you put a maintenance programme in place to minimise expensive leaks in the future.

If your local legislation requires regular measurements and monitoring of fugitive emissions, we can perform these surveys for you.

Take control of your plant and equipment and manage your profits, protection of your staff and community, safety of the plant or legal obligations for the future. Call our team for an inspection today.

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