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Risk Management


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Review of Project Agreements and Construction Contracts

An SGS review of your project agreements and construction contracts assesses their compatability with the aim of your project to enhance your project’s success. Call our project finance experts today.

Our experienced teams evaluate your project’s supply and construction contracts to ensure the quality of suppliers and contractors and their technical and commercial credentials. We also review the project’s interface agreements (such as power purchase agreements and offtake contracts) to ensure that your project can access its basic supplies and trade its output. We assess the compatibility of your contracts and agreements terms with the design of your project, its objectives and the technical requirements included in the financial model.

Our project agreements and construction contracts review includes:

  • Contract evaluation and review of commercial clauses for supply and construction (including defect liability periods and liquidated damages)
  • Support in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors, including reviewing qualifications and commissioning activities
  • Review of the experience and technical ability of the proposed Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) or Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) contractors and ensure there is no conflict of interest with project sponsors
  • Review the technical and commercial clauses of the project’s interface agreements (power purchase agreements and offtake contracts) to assess their compatibility with the technical assumptions of the project

We identify any project risks and recommend mitigation measures and possible improvements. We also check the reliability of suggested equipment and materials that could lead to the risk of unforeseen costs and delays.

Our project specialists have combined technical and financial experience across a variety of global industry sectors. With a proven track record reviewing large investments under a project financing structure, we provide invaluable support for your project. Our investigations provide you with a critical basis for credit committee appraisals and documentation negotiations. And we are available to react to your needs and follow up on technical issues during the appraisal process until and beyond financial close.

A reliable source of the very latest industry information, we are your first choice to carry out the review of your project agreements and supply and construction contracts. Call our experienced project finance team today to start your review.

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